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I bet you are thinking, "why should I sign up for another lame newsletter." Trust me, I would be thinking the same thing. We do things a little differently than most store newsletters. We try to provide an interactive and non-pressuring publication which I am sure many people will appreciate.  

Firstly, when you subscribe to Spellcraft's newsletter, as a welcome for joining us, we give you a 20% off discount code to use in our shop. This code is connected to the email you sign up with for our newsletter, so make sure it's the same email you use at check out!

Newsletter issues are sent out on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, so no worries about having to deal with spammy (borderline harassing) emails. I personally hate when shops send me multiple emails in a day or week, so having the newsletter be limited to 1-2 messages every 2 weeks was an easy decision. 

In each newsletter, you will receive a one-time use discount code. The code is randomly chosen each week unless we decide to tie it in with another storewide promotion. You could possibly get codes for cash off, partial refunds, free express shipping, 10-50% off, buy 1 get 1 free, and many more awesome deals! 

As a newsletter subscriber, you not only get awesome discounts in every newsletter, you get access to exclusive items, promotions, and sales that are only available to our subscribers and account holders! There is so much fun (and savings!) to be had if you subscribe to our newsletter, create an account on our site and become a Spellcrafter! 

When you subscribe to our newsletter, you have the option to join the Spellcrafter extended discussion group. This gives you the ability to discuss the newsletter and general topics with SVH staff and other subscribers! You can also join contests, make suggestions on future promotions and many other cool things! 

I hope this article has given you a good overview of our newsletter and if you have a question or just want to know more, feel free to contact a Spellcraft representative on the website or in a comment below! 

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