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Spellcraft's Themed Collections Overview

Have no idea where to start when finding new styles and looks? If so, Spellcraft's themed collections are going to be a great resource for you...

About Spellcraft and the Senior Team

Spellcraft VH, Fashion and Lifestyle Store

Spellcraft is a small online store that sells apparel, accessories, and more that first went public as a brand on in October 2016. Spellcraft's main goal is to become a "one-stop shop" for all fashion styles beyond the norm. More importantly, to promote and encourage- fashion exploration, self-expression through fashion, and acceptance of others no matter their personal style choices. 

Vail Hale, Spells Master and Lead Designer

An entrepreneur, designer, writer and self-proclaimed "exceptional creative & business generalist".  

Misha Hale, Creative Spells Director

The embodiment of a creative, free-thinking, dark designer.