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Spellcraft is a small online store that sells apparel, accessories, and more that first went public as a brand on RageOn.com in October 2016. Spellcraft's main goal is to become a "one-stop shop" for all fashion styles beyond the norm. More importantly, to promote and encourage- fashion exploration, self-expression through fashion, and acceptance of others no matter their personal style choices.  

Themed Collections

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What's better then discounts?

Free store credit, that's what! While Spellcraft is always giving our discount codes, then best way to save money is by earning store credit though our rewards program. You earn "Spells", our programs currency, every time you shop on our site plus random activities. You can even earn Spells for signing up and on your birthday!

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Spellcrafter Rewards Program Contest

Enter and gain the chance to win free items and up to $25 store credit to use on our website! Click below to head to the contest page. Learn more about how to enter and what awesome prizes you can win!

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